About us

A family operation that began in 1984 in Rocklin CA, under the direction of the Van der Linden family, conceived and built a well recognized, respected, competitive and valued brand known widely as Delta nails, Delta horseshoes, Delta and Edge Tools, Delta HoofPower, and Delta Hoof Boots. All Delta branded products have a proud heritage of being designed by farriers to meet the highest standards of a demanding profession.

The Delta nail brand offers 22 different nail choices across 5 major categories—E Head nails, E-Slim Nails, City Head Nails, City Head Slim nails, and Racing Nails. They are known for their consistent drivability, and proven performance in demanding equine applications.

The Delta Horseshoe brand offers the European technology of turned steel shoes with a perfect blend of American Styling and

features. The brand includes the Delta Keg and Wide Keg offering, the Delta Egg bar specialty line, and the brand new Delta Challenger TS7 & TS8 shoes.

Delta Hoof Boots are a premier brand of high performance, all-terrain hoof protection for the horse, made to withstand the rigors of tough conditions while providing comfort for the horse.

Delta Hoof Power is a high performance brand of hoof supplements designed to promote healthy hoof growth for all types of hoof conditions.

Delta and Edge Tools are brands of economical farrier tools made from quality materials, designed to make the farrier’s tasks more efficient.